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Grenache Sour Gin and Tonic Cans

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Storytellers Distillery

Grenache Sour Gin and Tonic Cans


Taking all that grape - squeezing it into a can with a burst of effervescence!
Can Volume: 250ml

Our Volume 2: Grenache Sour Gin turned the wine gin category on its head by adding a touch of sourness to every bottle! Well, we've done it again by squeezing all that juicy grape goodness into an effervescent blast inside a can. The category might be right-side-up again, but it's a little dizzy still!

The Grenache Sour Gin and Tonic Cans gives the freedom to write the story wherever it takes you! Our "Homage to Grape Growers Everywhere!" is now more easily experienced anywhere there's a fridge, or cold-cold ice! This summer, the cold might be rare - but you will find us playing beach soccer at Glenelg, at that one friend's house with a pool - or watching Love Actually for the 17th time, only this time at the outdoor cinema. Now that Volume 2 has gone mobile, any occasion can be a little more delightful while enjoying a Grenache Sour Gin and Tonic Can!

Volume: 250ml each
ABV: 4.9% alc/vol

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