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Collection 2 - The Main Character

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Storytellers Distillery

Collection 2 - The Main Character


First featured at The Museum of StorytellingCollection 2 is the main character. 

In the essence of the strawberry laden, rolling Adelaide Hills, our Tickled Pink is this volume’s main character. Steeped in tradition yet daringly innovative, this spirit is a harmonious blend: succulent, ripe strawberries and our Australian Dry Gin. 

This infusion creates a medley of flavors where the bold, crisp notes of the dry gin are softened and enriched by the berries' natural juiciness. The strawberries don't just contribute their taste; they impart a vibrant pink hue, making each bottle a visual feast.


- 1 x 500ml Tickled Pink Strawberry Gin | 41% ABV | 500mL
- 2 x Mischief Brew Tonic #1
- Haighs Strawberry Chocolate (comes as gift with purchase)
- 1 x 25g Dehydrated Lemon Garnish

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